Last year on a trip to NYC with one of my kids (I take each kid on a solo trip with me when they turn 10), we went to a Broadway show and witnessed what no actor or human being, for that matter, ever wants to happen: a wardrobe malfunction.

Being in the event industry and knowing firsthand what it's like not to have things go according to plan on stage, there are several things I noticed when the wardrobe malfunction took place. 


But before we move forward, it’s also worth mentioning that most of the audience had no idea that it even happened…but we’ll come back to that later. 


The point of this blog post is to share what I noticed and how it applies not only to the event industry but to LIFE in general.

Because we ALL know that things aren’t always going to go according to plan.

At events, sure, but also (and arguably more importantly) in our day-to-day lives. Things come up, change, happen, don’t happen - and I firmly believe that if we can embody some of the amazing things I witnessed on that stage in New York City, we can move forward with strength, poise, and purpose…no matter what. 

So here’s how it all went down:

At a crucial transition point of the show, two of the cast members missed the moment when they were supposed to pull off their 'top' costumes to reveal the next layer. You might think that it would throw them for a loop, but what actually happened is the entire cast just “went with it” and didn’t miss a beat. This was all happening mid-song, by the way! While staying in step with the song, the two cast members eventually took the other part of the costume off and revealed the next layer of clothing that connected with the show. The bottom line is this: you could tell they practiced when things didn’t go well because the show truly just “went on”.

And here’s what we can all learn from it: 

  • Just roll with it. As I mentioned above, I literally might have been the only one in the audience who knew the wardrobe malfunction happened. The *ridiculously talented* performers handled it perfectly by simply doing one thing - just rolling with it. Okay, I know that’s not actually a simple feat at all, and probably took a significant amount of planning and preparation. But that’s just it - thinking through and planning for moments with a “If THIS happens, THIS is what I’ll do” mentality empowers us to roll with the punches. In other words, a backup plan can do wonders!

  • A smile makes a difference. As professional performers, it was probably rehearsed over and over again to keep the show going no matter what. These people did exactly that, and the key is - they didn’t let their faces reflect what had just happened. Now, I’m not saying we shouldn’t experience the fullness of our emotions when life’s curveballs smack us in the back of the head without warning. What I am saying, however, is that controlling our facial expressions and deciding to smile amidst adversity goes a long way. Consider smiling over scowling next time things don’t go according to plan…and watch what happens! 

  • Mindset matters. With a wife who happens to be the most baller mindset coach out there, I KNOW and have experienced the power of a positive mindset. Obviously, I was not inside the brains of the performers onstage…but I can almost guarantee that based on the way they handled things and moved on with the show so wonderfully that their mindsets were on lock. Even if not, the point remains the same - when we have control over our minds, good things will happen. If we anticipate that struggles or “malfunctions” will undoubtedly come, then we will be able to handle them with more ease and resilience. Remind yourself that MINDSET MATTERS and cling to thoughts and beliefs that are true about your life.

  • It doesn’t seem right to end this blog without pointing out that behind the scenes, Broadway productions are a symphony of collaboration. When a costume malfunction occurs, it's not just the responsibility of the actor to salvage the moment. The entire team rallies together – from the costume designers to the stagehands – demonstrating the power of collective effort. In life, too, there is tremendous value in being surrounded by a team of supporters. It's the strength of our relationships that helps us overcome challenges that arise.


    Some of the most memorable moments in Broadway history have emerged from the unplanned and unscripted. Rather than detracting from the performance, such moments can elevate it to legendary status! Similarly, in our lives (both personally and at work), it's often the unscripted moments – the unexpected adventures and challenges – that shape our stories and add depth to our experiences.

    A snagged costume or a misplaced prop is not the end of the show; it's a chance for the performers to showcase their resilience. In the face of adversity, Broadway teaches us to keep going, to improvise, and to turn mishaps into moments of brilliance. Life, much like a live performance, is filled with unexpected twists, and it's our ability to adapt and persevere that defines our journey.