Do you ever get to the end of the year and think “man, where did the time go?”...yet at the same time feel like January was an eternity ago? 

Living life in the world of “small business doing big things” can feel both slow as molasses and hyper-speed, all at once. 

To be transparent, this year I’ve found myself wondering some days where our next stream of revenue would come from…and others wondering how we’d manage to execute all of the wonderful opportunities at our door. 

Ups and downs, and all arounds – ya feel me?

This “roller coaster” vibe that entrepreneurship tends to embrace isn’t easy, but man, every single year that I’ve been on this journey has taught me so much. As a man of Faith, I’m consistently astounded by one thing: how God continues to show up. How even when things feel really hard, He always provides. 

Growth and personal development is really important to me, and frankly I believe that we ALL benefit from living life in a posture of curiosity. I think we all become better, stronger, more resilient and more patient by taking time to look inward and outward.

That’s why every year (no matter what), I spend time unpacking three meaningful questions. 

These questions are simple in nature, and if you decide to jump in on this with me this year, you’ll be invited to discover what reflection has to offer you. Because I’ll be honest - I used to be a bit skeptical about what the whole point of journaling/reflection/meditation was. If you’re in the same boat, I guarantee that you’ll feel the benefits - things like improved self-awareness, resilience, clarity, emotional intelligence, decision-making, and so much more. Yes, reflection really can and will be impactful in your life!

3 Questions I Answer at the End of Each Year as an Entrepreneur

WHAT WORKED? Straight up! List them out. Personal, professional, all of it. What really worked? Maybe your systems were on LOCK which yielded an increase in team confidence. Maybe you finally committed to a workout plan that allowed you to show up with a better attitude at work and home. It is soooo important to point out the positive things because 1) we should probably keep doing them and 2) it does remarkable things for our brains to celebrate. 

WHAT DIDN’T WORK? Again, be straight up here. I would encourage you to do your best to remove emotion from this because it can feel a little deflating to focus on what didn’t work. The point of this, however, is to shine a light on things that simply didn’t work so that you can set goals/shift efforts moving forward. If we’re doing things right (aka going for it), there will ALWAYS be things that don’t work. In fact, there being things that don’t work is a telltale sign that you’re taking risks and pursuing new opportunities - which is exactly what we’re called to as leaders and entrepreneurs. Failure is a gift, my friends! Accept what you discover in this question as a gift of clarity.

This one might sound personal and well, it is. Entrepreneurship isn’t for the faint of heart; it requires a constant willingness to grow and evolve. It demands humility and a posture of understanding how you can continue to improve. And hey, my answer to this question can also include things I want to keep doing next year. For example, this year I committed and maintained a health/wellness plan for longer than I ever have. Crazy, right!? There was a moment when I got discouraged because the number on the scale wasn’t dropping below a certain point…but then my coach pointed out that my commitment to consistency was so much greater of an achievement than losing more pounds. That was a huge lesson for me…and encapsulates exactly who I want to continue being next year - in so many ways. 

As we head into the final days of this year, I want to remind you of something: you did it! You have successfully overcome 100% of your most difficult days. That is worth celebrating.

I’d love to invite you to journey alongside me in asking yourself these 3 questions in the weeks ahead. Not only are these questions incredibly important to ask yourself, but they’re also a really great way to connect with your TEAM as the year comes to a close. Encourage them to take them on themselves, and perhaps even spend some time unpacking them together. I have personally done this with my team and seen an increase in unity which, hello, is a wonderful thing.

What about you? How do you end the year? Are there any questions you would add to my list? Which of these resonates most with you?

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